Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rainy Day

I had no idea it was going to rain today.  Panic set in when I was in the bathroom and heard the drops on the window.  We have spent most of our waking minutes outside the past few weeks and I am usually dragged in the direction of the door by 8am at the latest.  

The morning started off relatively smooth, O heard the garbage trucking coming and ran to the door to wait for them.

He waited and waited

After they left, I quickly set up this Rainy Day Reading Nook so he could read and watch the rain and buy myself a few minutes to prep for the morning.  

He read to himself for a while and then wanted me to join him.  While we were reading the Fed Ex truck pulled into our cul de sac and stopped right in front of our house.  Our replacement juicer had finally arrived!

We tore open the box and I pulled out carrots, apples and strawberries.
Secretly, I was just so happy to have another activity to add to our list.

Next up was to bake brownies (yes, from the box) for the secretaries as our school to celebrate Administrative Assistants Day.

Cooking with kids tip: The process of scooping dry ingredients from one bowl to another is completely unnecessary but the scooping itself it a great developmental activity.  But, more importantly, it allows time to turn the oven and prep wet ingredients.

Then it was snack time - cereal.  Owen dropped his bowl and spilled all over the floor. 

Yes, he cried over spilled milk.

But, he tried again and was successful.

Moving on, it was time for our first collaging project.  Got out some glue, cut up pieces from an old calendar the featured art work, and cardboard from juicer box.

First step, dip dip dip in the glue.
(I was not fast enough with the camera to catch the actual dipping)

Second, spread glue on paper.

Third, flip paper over.

Last, push push push.

Final result.

Then, a true miracle.  It stopped raining and we could go outside.  Which couldn't have happened at a better time because even with the added, unplanned juicing activity, my plans did not get us all the way to nap time.

We had fun watching this guy for a while.  

For the record, I am EXHAUSTED.  
I have no idea what I'm going to do or if I'm going to survive this afternoon.